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Ready Or Not?

Harvest Ready Fruit
Harvest Ready Fruit

Each kind of fruit has its own harvest-ready days in this season and many, noticeably,come to full readiness beginning mid-summer. Consider the “delicious time” of a career. Early harvest is a fortuitous time to stop and carefully examine the earliest produce of the first 30-60 days of a new job. For many employers, this is a “trial” period. Predictably, any kind of trouble in these days could mean loss of an entire harvest later.

Employers expect certain kinds and quality of results and development in workers within a specific time frame. Employees expect certain kinds and qualities of satisfaction and advancement in a specific time frame. There do exist situations in which the sampling of a worker’s produce is done way too early. Certain results/professional development need longer times. However, especially for workers in the lower tiers of the workplace terrace, the expert eye of a supervisor is often on-point.

As has been mentioned before there are expectations (new hire may or may not be told) already in place to be met. The 30-60-90 day plan from the employer’s viewpoint is intended to predict a potentially outstanding harvest or a productivity disaster (costs the company lost time and financial gain).

  • Employers want to know as early as possible whether or not to continue investing time and expertise (care, attention and fertilizer) in developing an employee.
  • Employees want to know as early as possible whether or not the workplace soil (opportunity for growth and learning) will support ongoing development.

Hopefully, the employee knows how she/he will be judged and has before accepting the offer presented the employer with a “preview”–the 30-60-90 day plan–the seed packet illustration of what kind of bloom to expect. In the garden and in careers certain questions have to be answered.

Here are the questions: Does the late summer sample show a potentially good harvest or a poor one? Is this tree/flower/worker going to produce a prize winner or an average bloom?

Is the fruit ready or not?


How Does Your Garden Grow?

Example of mature summer blooming garden
Example of mature summer blooming garden

How’s it going?

What does the entire garden look like from the second floor balcony? This is THE question of the mature, full bloom stage of summer in the garden. Do all the colors work together? Are the results of your labor now perfuming the July air? Is the dream of beauty imagined back in icy winter planning a fruitful, blooming reality now?

It ought to be.

This moment is what all the worrying, weeding, and feeding is about: high summertime; the zenith of a job; the highest point of a career; the best produce of a lifetime. These are the flourishing days when the salary is the best. Remember not to get “summer drunk”; preserve some of the bounty. These are the days when influence is the strongest. Remember to keep building and maintaining the personal and professional networks.They are like attar of roses.

These are the days when certain prized projects will almost “fall into your lap” like early ripe fruit out of the trees. Keep scrapbooks about them. Keep records (like pressed flowers). Keep pictures (accurate descriptions of your role in projects). Gather stories to tell in the winter (you will need material for S.O.A.R. stories to advance to the next job). Remember to harvest the best and strongest fruits/results for these SEEDS. This is NEXT YEAR’S garden, the future and the heritage.

These are also the days when weeds show themselves for what they really are. Uproot them carefully. Remember they have been stealing your garden’s care and are just as strongly rooted as the good plants living very near them. Remember the old adage, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. It pays now to have mentors’ and career coaches’–master gardeners’–expert advice.

…And this sweet moment is but a breath, so we hold it as long as we can before exhaling slowly. First Harvest is near.