Watching, Weeding and Feeding: Career Care III

A Summer Task
A Summer Task


If there is any one summer task that typifies the season, it is weeding. Weeds grow…well, like weeds in the summertime garden. Weeds spring up in career planning movements too. A weed is any plant that is out of place or out of context in the garden. A flower somewhere else is a weed where it is not welcome.

A wild rose springing up in a pedigreed rose bed is a weed. Ivy dangling in a hanging pot is cute. Helix sprawling wild, overpowering other plants in a yard is not so cute. The way a corporation relates to a worker is determined by whether or not that worker is looked upon as a weed or a flower. Question: Was the hiring placement appropriate? A worker might thrive and bloom in one kind of work environment, but be utterly barren and ugly somewhere else. Do oaks grow in the desert? Do aloe thrive on the seashore?

This is the reason for having carefully thought out career management strategies. For well-informed career decisions to be made it is necessary to know, understand and honor personal cultivar—-one’s own nature, personality and needs. the lessons of the garden and a bit of ancient wisdom taught me to always take a comprehensive view of any  project before starting it, or risk being embarrassed by the results of bad planning. This includes deciding not to accept incorrect job placements in companies whose missions and cultures would make me like a rose in the desert or dandelion in a front lawn. Shriveled. Miserable. Unwelcome. Weed. Surviving several bad job decisions in my life taught me to make sure to make that target jobs are in line with well thought out career goals so to not end up as heather in the desert.