Winter’s End: Time to Begin Starting Seed

Begin The Journey
Begin The Journey

Happy New Year!

Champagne toasts, red envelopes and fireworks celebrating the appearance of a new year are like the “bridge” in a song. They alert us that another theme/melody/movement/directional change immediately follows. The same visual triggers also prompt movement in other areas of life. People building new careers or making bold professional moves are not disregarding or disengaging from reality when they hear the tinkle of glasses and the midnight gong. The “sudden” far-away look in their eyes  is not to be mistaken for some unclassified madness. It is the early-stirring “Snowdrops” of intention and direction. The earliest manifestations of the end of a career/ job winter might be unusual inner calm; a mysterious confidence that defies the obviously icy outer conditions.

Confidence developed during the winter is churning out energy for the mind’s muscle in response to the brightening light of renewed purpose and hope. One day soon, the air will have that distinctive, sparkling smell of spring and the iron cold of winter will loosen its hold.  The  Winter Crone’s cloak will turn into Brighid’s mantle. In this very moment there is work to be done in rhythm with the steadily increasing pace of development below the ground. It is now time to start the first seeds of the new reality indoors.

The seed of taking on a new profession in the earliest stages of development needs protection the most.  It should be started indoors close to the heart and others who can guide the growth and development. Newly taken professional direction is a fragile plant because it still needs to develop the strong roots of experience and  the sturdy stem of practitioners’ community that will keep it standing against the blustering suspicions of experts, friends and relations.

This is the time of beginnings: the season to welcome a new year and a new professional–a cultivar unproven with bloom never before seen. It is not a wish; not a threat, but a promise.