A Field Guide Of Corporate Flora: Biodiversity

 Scotland adorned in heather
Scotland adorned in heather

Mother Nature is a hot mess, isn’t she? Look how she capers and leaps, whirling like a top, skirts swirling around her naked legs and shoeless feet with abandon. In wild flowers blooming in every season by the side of 6-lane highways, in hedgerows, in borders, in fields, on brand new mounds of builder’s sand and on ancient hills Nature does her reel. Notice that different forms grow in their own perfect soil, climate and season but on the same earth. The earth is a system.

Biodiversity: don’t you love it? Believe it or not that very “disorganized” feature” is what keeps the earth alive. One of the things mankind has done through lack understanding of the wiles and ways of the earth is to systematically decrease the types and kinds of growing things to the point that some are almost extinct. We have even done it with dogs. in the quest for better and purer species of dogs, we have “over bred” dogs to the point that some of the genetic weaknesses of the breed have jumped out like frogs. It was appalling to discover that the only thing nations have done to preserve the vitality of the earth’s food crops is to create seed banks with the thought of preserving the living pure species of plant life that feeds humanity. Biodiversity is nature’s way of preserving a species’ strength.

Something similar happens in corporations. We call it “corporate culture” which is little more than a name for “corporate personality”. Corporate culture is the result of all the gathered forms of  history, habits, laws, institutions and policies which influences behavior of the people who work at the place and sculpts corporate image. Notice that some organizations are known, as if they were people, for certain features. HR perpetuates this through choosing to hire the same kinds of people in the name of cultural fit. “Corporate culture fit” is sometimes little more than overbreeding. Overbreeding causes eventual breakdown in businesses too. Diversity in the corporation is not merely some political ploy. Corporations are systems. Corporate biodiversity–insisting on maintaining a staff bringing diverse talents and gifts to the table– keeps a corporation alive and  makes it stronger.